The coating is not allowed to save the US "anti-vlast" color "


The coating is not allowed to save the US "anti-vlast" color "

The coating is not allowed to save the US "anti-vlast" color "

  Since the global outbreak, the new crown pneumonia epidemic situation has been against the left right of the epidemic.

There is a certificate – just the first week of the past, the US new crown pneumonia epidemic experience has experienced the "to dark time" since February this year.

Data from the University of Johns Hopkins, as of August 2, Beijing time, US new crown pneumonia has confirmed the diagnosis of more than 35 million cases, and the cumulative death case has more than 61 million cases.

On July 30th, the United States has added 19,4608 cases of new diagnosis cases, and it has been a new high since January 21 this year. The US Disease Control and Prevention Center (CDC) statistics show that as of July 30, the United States 7 days average diagnosed cases, death cases, hospitalization cases increased from the previous week,%,%, respectively. A series of epidemic core indicators show that the US epidemic situation is not optimistic.

Anthony Government Chief Medical Adviser Anthony Wiqi said on August 1, as the new crown pneumonia case caused by Delta variant strains, the US situation may become worse.

  The surface seems to have a surge in the US in this round, and the Delta variant strain is directly related to the progress of the US raging and vaccination.

However, reviewing a year and a half, it is not difficult to find that the US epidemic has been deeply embodied in the "deterioration-mitigation-rebound" cycle, and continuously refreshes the peak of the epidemic development curve, this result is only one:

  As the most advanced national, most advanced countries in the world, how to defend this? As the country with the most developed world economy, the most scientific and technological strength, what is the anti-vulprote to such a field? I can’t make someone else, and I will see that the US government is: – political polarization, it is difficult to form a hyperfeisgeneration.

The political polarization has been seriously tearing the American society.

In the face of the raging epidemic, the US government’s response measures were wrapped in political polarized snowballs, and the politicians "private" words were first, and the political private benefits of individuals and the party were higher than everything. Looking forward to each other, mutual interaction, humanitarianism and After the scientific spirit, after the brain, it is not active, chaos, with partial anti-hypophoresis, disrupting social order. In the face of the choice of saving life and recovery economy, the United States has never been able to agree on priority, which leads to social tear, more let 6,100 innocent life become victim.

As the "Washington Post" sharply pointed out that the historic failure of the US anti-vulfret has proved that the US poor epidemic prevention and control is a "completely haunted man." – ignore science, seriously impeding the immunity process. It is the premise of solving problems; respecting science is the key to defeating viruses. But unfortunately, under the highly politicized false information rendering, under the promotion of American politicians, the truth and science are placed on the opposite of life and health.

According to the New York Times, the last American government leaders often ignore scientists warning, giving the lack of scientific basis "mad" suggestions. For example: crazy advocacy anti-malaria drug chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine, even if the two drugs are proven to trigger malignant arrhythmia; claim to irradiate ultraviolet, injection disinfectants, can eliminate new crown viruses.

These grouped languages ??have led to some American people’s trust, which is a feud. – Into the "Pot" and repeatedly delayed the anti-optic fighter. In the face of the domestic epidemic chaos, American politicians did not think of the province, but they were desperately desperately intertwined, and they brought to politics. Since the outbreak of the epidemic, the US government and the media are constantly improving, such as "China ‘s epidemic information opaque", "Laboratory leakage", "WHO osmotic", etc. China and WHO are "replaced sheep" as their anti-.

However, China’s innovation is not to be destroyed, and the intelligence of the international community is not fooling.

"Liu Yejie" edited Richard Horton wrote that "the fundamental attempt to blame China is to rewrite history, to cover up the failure performance of yourself in the epidemic," is in the US politician. "锅 锅 中 中, the US government misses the anti-optic fighter, once a breakthrough of human moral bottom line, completely falls "altights".

  A series of self-contained self-contained, irresponsible ridiculous acts, not only let their domestic epidemic failures, but also give a shadow to the global cultural affair.

However, some American media "also to the wilderness", in order to prove the United States first, considering the facts, simply engage in anti-vulcancing achievements, pushing the United States to the "Global Epidemic Antioophobia" throne, Let the so-called "press freedom" of the US media once again laughed! "Weak and ignorant obstacles, arrogance is." The coating powder could not reach the "anti-vulgence of the biggest failure country", more rescued the lives of 610 million forever. At present, the United States that is still in the epidemic vortex, how can it turn over, save the people in the water? There is only one answer: stop political calculations, find retrieval and rationality! (Jia Pingfan, the author is the people’s Daily Overseas Edition commentator) Original title: United States: The biggest failure of anti-vloys (Wanghai Tower, the United States Hegemony Action 3) "People’s Daily Overseas Edition" (July 04, 2021) .


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