The first "Justice · Dayan District" famous forum construction of a chronic disease prevention and control system health concept "knows the line of cooperation"


The first "Justice · Dayan District" famous forum construction of a chronic disease prevention and control system health concept "knows the line of cooperation"

The first "Justice · Dayan District" famous forum construction of a chronic disease prevention and control system health concept "knows the line of cooperation"

How to accurately prevent and control slow disease? How does intelligent medical care work in chronic disease prevention, treatment, and management? On November 16, Yangcheng Evening News Network held the establishment ceremony of the Health Communication Alliance in Daxia District and the first "Justice · Dayan District" forum. It is reported that the first batch of member units of the Alliance include 19 large-scale three hospitals, the First Affiliated Hospital of Sun Yat-sen University, Guangdong Provincial People’s Hospital, Guangdong Provincial Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine. At the scene, many industry heavyweight experts participated in the forum, explore how to play the advantages of Daxia, and construct a comprehensive prevention and control system of chronic diseases. The Forum on-site prevention is the most economical and most effective health strategy.

In the first "Justice · Dayan District" Forum, in the construction of the medical and health system, the major hospitals do, what make sense to explore? As a medical manager, how do they do a well-defense prevention and control system? Yan Chu Xiang "Chinese medicine rule" is emphasized that it is prevention, we can’t just give patients to see a doctor, but also think about how to make people sick, late disease, or even illness.

This concept is reflected in the integration of the public into life.

In this regard, our Guangdong is better. "Guangdong Provincial Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine (The Secretary of the Second Affiliated Hospital of Guangzhou University of Traditional Chinese Medicine), said," Our hospital has already opened a slow medical clinic very early, consisting of clinical experts, nutritioners, psychologists, nursing staff, to high blood pressure, Patients with chronic diseases such as diabetes, chronic kidney disease have established a personal file, adopt comprehensive measures such as traditional Chinese medicine physical fitness, health care consultation, traditional therapy intervention, follow-up of their health and rehabilitation effect.

We want to form an effective, personalized, copied slow disease management program, can implement the health management of the continuous health management of Trich Hospital, Secondary Hospital and Community Health Service Center, and scientifically effectively prevent and control chronic diseases.

Wei Xiang, Vice President, Guangdong Province Maternal and Child Health Hospital, said: "We pay attention to the whole process of women and children in the whole cycle of life, especially the whole process of fertility and health. This process can be summarized in five ‘to’, to "get ‘to’ live, sieve ‘to’ quasi", "gave, ‘to’ good ‘good’ good. In order to do a good job in women Disease management, provincial women and children and 33 grassroots medical institutions established a medical profession to create a health management model of up and down.

At the same time, there is also a multi-games’ science knowledge promotion live broadcast activities.

Widely spread health knowledge and guide the public to establish a health concept. According to statistics, since the launch of September 21, 2020, the medical women’s women and young lecture halls have more than 60 million times.

"Chen Huai" people who do health management know that slow disease accounts for more than 86% of the death population. Chen Refen, director of the Senior Medical Center of Guangdong Provincial People’s Hospital, "At present, Provincial Medical Doctors have set up the Department of Cardiovascular Diseases, Guangdong Province, Guangdong Provincial Department of Foreign Diseases, Guangdong Lung Cancer Research Institute, Psychiatric Research Institute, Nerve Medicine Research Institute Wait, these institutes are the research direction of implementing combination of prevention and treatment, and we are also responsible for nothing to do in health management or in slow disease management.

"" Building a slow disease prevention and control system, the key is how to make the public to enhance your health awareness, can actively carry out health management, this is the so-called ‘knowing the best. He Jingjun, director of the Health Management Center of the Second People’s Hospital of Guangdong Province, said that "the public does not take the initiative to do health management, and the light is not too big." So now we have to use a variety of advanced technological means to popularize health management.

"He Jingjun is currently, big data, artificial intelligence in medical field application, promotes the changes in medical service model and health management concept.

He Jingjun introduced: "The provincial second health receives 120,000 health checkup users, and the detection rate of sub-health and slow disease people is as high as 80%.

To this end, the hospital is combining artificial intelligent health management platform ("呗") and Internet hospital ("呗 医") to create medical health integration, online online, internet + medical health ecosystem .

"He Jingjun said," In the future, the second medical doctor will be able to achieve the "health hosting" for individual life cycles, create medical, medicine, check lines; medical care home; health management to home; health tracking to people’s new smart health service model.

"According to reports, the Guangdong Provincial People’s Hospital also led the model of China’s million chronic kidney disease research programs, research sieve, anti-integration model. September promoted the joint laboratory of academicians of Guangdong Medical Sciences, focusing The international frontier research results are applied to disease prevention and prevention, through the construction of 5G smart hospitals, using new generation of information technology such as large data, cloud computing, AI, for the prevention and treatment of slow disease.

Chen Hui said that health management future must rely on information technology to improve efficiency, because the cost is very high, the workload is very large, the hospital’s health management standard has a sentence "see, touch, do it, Effectiveness, such health management will continue to develop. "I know the importance of health, and I can act, but also emphasize that I will have an effect." Chen Fei believes that "if the government takes the lead, learn to take it, the famous doctor leads, the health management physician is the backbone, the doctor participates in it." The disease management division helps, and finally by a large number of training qualified health managers to do health management maintenance, then this health management will fall. "National Health Literacy Level Monitoring Report Displayed by the National Health Committee In 2020, the health level of residents in my country reached%, compared to 2015% increased by 12 percentage points, which can be said to be doubled.

Health awareness, demand drives purchasing power, Joint Emcila consultation by Yangcheng Evening News University, jointly released the "New Era" ("Report") showed that the big health industry in these years overall revenue scale Exhibits very fast growth.

According to relevant agencies, this year is expected to exceed 8 trillion, compared to more than twice as compared to 2014. According to statistics, the "report" pointed out that young people have begun to pay attention to health, and 80% of consumers are young people.

Due to the new crown pneumonia epidemic, the public has an unprecedented attention to Chinese medicine. In 2020, the market size of Chinese herbal medicine reached 184 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 23%, higher than the growth scale prior to 2019.

2020 vaccination market has reached 35 billion yuan, and 2021 will reach 40 billion yuan.

Although the concepts of most people have also stayed on the disease concerns, but the preventive health management is being attached importance to people, this is a step-by-step process, and the medical industry will lead the health industry. Yu Chi Xiang said that medical univening health management is also the responsibility of our medical institution and medical staff. As a sub-hospital affiliated to the university, we can play a resource advantage in production and research, and participate in the big health industry. Come in. Chen Refuement, for common diseases, high onset, multi-morbidity, especially single disease, if used in gridization, hierarchical health management technology and slow disease management technology to effectively manage, believe that will prevention The medical industry brings a very good result.

"Yangcheng Evening News" reported on November 17.


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