Yajue, sales in April, the average price fell by 10,000 yuan to bet Malaysia


Yajue, sales in April, the average price fell by 10,000 yuan to bet Malaysia

Yajue, sales in April, the average price fell by 10,000 yuan to bet Malaysia

  Some insiders revealed that Malaysia events have brought certain effects on the investment of Malaysia, and the investment in Malaysia in Malaysia has risks. However, domestic housing prices have fallen, profit, more than 20% of overseas investment is quite attractive, company or think This breaks away. On May 8, Yaxus announced that the company purchased into Malaysia Kuala Lumpur plot.

In fact, this is the second investment of Malaysia within three months, and two investment purchases have a total of 100 million yuan. According to the reporter, this is a major investment in the number of years after the Board restructuring at the end of March this year. From a certain extent, the future income of this investment will determine the first overseas market expansion plan to promote success or not. . It is worth noting that the current domestic real estate market is expected to go sharply, and the housing enterprise has set off the tide in the third and four-tier cities, even spread to the second, third-tier cities, and the industry profit margin continue to fall, and Yaxi Le may not be spared.

Yaxi Le Sales Data shows that 4 months ago, the average price of sales continued to fall in a row, and there is currently a million yuan to 9583 yuan per square meter. In view of this, there are industry insiders revealed that more than 20% of the overseas investment or the driving force of Malaysian investment after the Malaysian incident, but the risk can also be seen.

  Sales average price fell by 10,000 yuan public information, the sales of Yaxile to April 2014 were hundreds of millions of yuan, billion, billion yuan and billion yuan; sales average price is 12917 yuan / square meter, 11538 yuan / Square meter, 10,566 yuan / square meter and 9583 yuan / square meter.

  From this estimation, Yaxi Le sells average price this year from 12917 yuan / square meter in January to 9583 yuan / square meter in April, fell 3,334 yuan / square meter, and fell for 4 months. At the same time, from January to April this year, the sales average price of Agile is 10,918 yuan / square meter, compared with 11577 yuan / square meter in 2013, the decline is%.

  In fact, there is an industry to disclose this newspaper reporter that Yajue has announced that the transformation is high-end property developer last year, but the real estate trend of real estate in 2014 is not conducive to the transformation of Agile, or the company’s transformation has been hindered.

However, the person emphasizes that this is not the pressure of Agile’s house, the market is expected to turn, the home and hope of buyers is strong, the inventory is too high, three, four-tier city disadvantages have appeared, housing prices have entered the down channel, this It is the pressure that all housing companies are facing. It is worth mentioning that the pace of expansion in Agile has not reached the previous expectations.

In 2013, under the whole year of the benchmark house, Yaxi Le’s annual pre-sale amount was 100 million yuan, and the sales target of 422 billion yuan under the first year of the year was completed. In 2012, Agile realized contract sales amount was only 31.5 billion yuan, compared to the sales target of 37 billion yuan, obviously failed to achieve. Some insiders revealed that it may be to break this situation, and Agile is reorganized by the board. It is worth noting that before and after the board of directors, Yaxi will set the sales target in 2014 to 70 billion yuan, and the chess game that has been expanded in the sea.


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