Zhoushan: One Netcom Office breaks the "Island" of Jianghai Intermodal Logistics Information


Zhoushan: One Netcom Office breaks the "Island" of Jianghai Intermodal Logistics Information

Zhoushan: One Netcom Office breaks the "Island" of Jianghai Intermodal Logistics Information

Original title: Focusing Digital Reform … Open the Zhoushan Jianghai Intermodal Public Information Platform, point the mouse, the basic situation of the bulk ship, and the information list of business services to Hong Kong to Hong Kong.

"This platform can provide us with one-stop service, it is more convenient to obtain information resources, and the efficiency of work is also greatly improved." Wang Yuanzhe, the operation center dispatcher in Zhoushan outer wheel agent Co., Ltd., said to the reporter. Zhoushan, located in the Yangtze River Golden Waterway and the "T" shackle of the South and South Sea. Jianghai Intermodal, is the "finishing touch" in Zhoushan, which is a "finishing touch" in the Yangtze River. In November 2015, the Zhoushan Jianghai Intermodal Public Information Platform was officially launched. Then followed by the Changjiang shipping logistics public information platform, the national transportation logistics public information platform interconnection, is committed to building a national influence of Jianghai Intermodal Public Service Platform and the country. The most authoritative Jianghai intermodal data platform.

  "In 2019, Jianghai Intermodal Public Information Platform Edition officially launched, integrating the original scattered data, integrating more than 120 core functions such as port resources, hydrological meteorology, port customs clearance, pilot scheduling, providing portal, port, logistics Six public services in six major public services in maritime, consultation and data.

"The relevant person in charge of the Municipal Harbor Air and Port Authority, through the platform, ship generation, port, shipping and other enterprises can really understand the dynamics of the river sea intermodal ship, timely, in time to enter and exit ports and track ship dynamics, free to find Zhoushan ship, Channel, anchorage, pier berth, yield, quotation plan, Hong Kong Airlines meteorological and other governments.

Shipping enterprises, users, and proxy companies can achieve shipments of ships and goods through the platform.

Through the government space provided by the business space, Hong Kong Airlines can apply for port dangerous goods operations, business licenses, empty scheduling and other services, real-time understanding of ships, ports, and goods, thus providing practical and useful information for the development of production plan. Whether the platform is valid, the user has the most voice. Wang Yuanzhe told reporters that the platform ship’s entry and exit is arranged as an example. Before the platform is run, it is necessary to fill in the ship’s basic information in advance, and then send it to the Hong Kong Airlines department with the fax.

"Now, just enter several basic data manually, press the mouse to automatically generate a planned application, then the full process online flow, after real-time approval, immediately form an introduction plan. The whole process is less than 2 hours." Jianghai Intermodal Public Information The port of the platform launched the port of port, which also won the company.

"Formerly handle the port clearance, all kinds of documents of the light sorting port department will cost more than 1 hour.

"Wang Yuanzhe introduced that the Jianghai Intermodal Center information platform can complete the" single window "in real time, and do not need to re-enter the basic information and import and export dynamic information, you can complete the business declaration of port scheduling, ejecting application. Form a safer and convenient The efficient logistics service system is an important path to promoting the high quality development of Jianghai Communications. "Through data collection and integration, public information platform greatly promotes the effective connection and sharing of Jianghai intermodal logistics information, improved Hong Kong Airport logistics efficiency, lowered Logistics costs improve service quality.

"Introduction to the relevant person in charge of the Municipal Harbor Air and Port Authority, as of now, the platform has been collected more than 2,200 data, more than 3,000 service enterprises, and the platform access is nearly 1.3 million. (Editor: Ai Yu , Kang Mengqi).


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