[Focus on Party Congress] Meng Weijun, Secretary of the Shengcheng District Party: Actively act as a vivid practice to transform the grand blueprint into vivid practice


[Focus on Party Congress] Meng Weijun, Secretary of the Shengcheng District Party: Actively act as a vivid practice to transform the grand blueprint into vivid practice

[Focus on Party Congress] Meng Weijun, Secretary of the Shengcheng District Party: Actively act as a vivid practice to transform the grand blueprint into vivid practice

First, build a new engine for economic development with the modern industrial system to build a high quality development.

The coal-electricity industry is focusing, accelerating the promotion of traditional advantageous industries, and connotation development. With the implementation of "1337" demonstration project, consolidate this status of national food counties, improved agricultural technology promotion, livestock and poultry epidemic prevention, and agricultural mechanization coverage "three major systems", and make millions of high quality commodity pig production, 100,000 mu of high-quality forage planting, 100,000 mu of high-quality small grain grains production "three model districts", continuously promote the construction of seven specialty planting bases of 枸杞, roses, buckwheat, sacred fruit, color pepper, rice, small grains, acceleration Promote the transformation of agricultural characteristics, high quality and efficient development. With the construction of "one core two wings three circles" modern service industry system, highlight headquarters economic, cultural tourism, trade logistics, ecological contribution, information service "five major sections", speed up the promotion of quality of service industry, high-end integration development, Create a modern service industry as a strategic pillar industry in our district. The second is the "Optimized Regional Development Layout" as an opportunity to enhance the influence of the radiation in the central city.

It is close to the provincial party committee "building the Jinbei High Quality Town Circle" strategy and the deployment requirements of the "core first level of the municipal party committee" to improve the central urban area ", adhere to the promotion of the promotion level, the promotion of urban construction, public service gathering, production city integration promotion , The development environment is high, etc. . The third is to support the thickness of ecological background, and the beauty of the construction of people and the natural harmonious symbiosis.

Accelerate green development. The construction of "100-kilometer Ecological Gallery, Million Million Green Barrier" is focused on the construction of the city. Resolutely lay a good pollution control, high-standard implementation of the construction area centralized heating and reconstruction project and rural cleaning energy replacement full coverage project, high efficiency promotion key areas, key industries pollution control, high quality, high quality, high quality, high quality, high-quality, urban and rural life sewage governance, city Work such as domestic garbage classification and disposal, vigorously advocate green low-carbon production and lifestyle, so that the city is greener, the sky is blue, and the water is clearer.

The fourth is to achieve high quality development of various social undertakings with the goal of improving the well-being of people’s livelihood.

Adhere to the people-oriented concept of the people, with a greater effort to maintain industry insurance, with a greater intensity of multi-level social security system, with greater efforts to develop education, medical care, culture, sports, etc. Strengthening and innovating social governance, promoting the construction of "general meter", polishing "Yucheng Street" brand, constantly improving the quality of social undertakings, convenient living, public safety, so that people live more happily.

The fifth is to ensure the fundamental guarantee of strict treatment of the party, promote the party’s construction and the party’s cause.

In-depth implementation of the general requirements of the new era of the party, and closely focused on the "comprehensive construction of the Qing Han Shanxi" goals, comprehensively promote the party of strict accordance with the party. Adhere to the "three do not" integration, vigorously advocate "tentative" (integrity, synergy, systemic, continuity), oppose "four chemistry" (freely, vulgarization, flat, entertainment), with excellent style Guarantee the key work advancement. Strictly implement the lights, the bright sword "three bright" grasps the mechanism, ensuring that the district committee, the district government decisions, one piece, one.

In short, we will promote high-quality development in a more high-quality struggle. Zhongjun Shuo City is responsible.

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